If you use this service before purchasing a second hand house or renovating, you can objectively grasp the current state of the building. Inspections by qualified professionals can indicate problems in the building or areas where repairs must be prioritized.

In other words, problems can be found before moving in or before renovation, providing peace of mind to the orderer.

3 benefits of Arch-Cube inspection

1- Diagnosis by a proven inspector
2-Quantitative diagnosis using state-of-the-art equipment
3- Advanced consideration in cooperation with the National College of Technology and wooden vocational schools

Investigation of foundation cracks and roofs

We find cracks of 0.5 mm or more or defects of 20 mm or more in foundation surveys. And we make sure there is no problem with the waterproof performance of the roof.

Investigation of the internal structure of the foundation

We check the structure of the foundation and make sure that there is an iron bar inside the concrete.

Investigation of deterioration of structural members

We go under the floor ourselves and check the status of the wooden structural members. Many buildings have a defect in some of the wooden bases.

Survey of termites under the floor

In Japan, termite damage is regarded as a problem. Check the damage of termites by surveying under the floor.

Investigation of changes in temperature and humidity

We can use professional research equipment to determine the current insulation performance of a home.

Insulation performance investigation

Infrared thermography can be used to understand partial temperature differences. From the results, you can find areas where there is a significant lack of leakage or insulation.

Quantitative evaluation of insulation performance

By simulating the insulation performance of the entire building, you can grasp the insulation performance of the house compared to a house built based on current standards.

Creating a report

Submit the survey results created based on the format set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as deliverables.