At first, a client wanted to build new kindergarten building as Reinforced concrete. Because he used to build all of his kindergarten by RC. I was introduced him by big general conductor as the building designer and engineer.

I thought we will develop it for kids, and there are many trees as prepared for small housings at near mountain. So, I wanted to provide lumber for buildings as wooden structure. Because it was time for lumbering Hinoki and Japanese cedar trees then. Old peoples planed a lot of trees in the past but there were no chance to use more in Japan. My client agreed to use lumber for this project instead of RC after my expression.

I invited client to forest and showed logging to kindergarten pupils. They can not see the felling usually. I described how danger for log worker’s working to log these trees. But log worker was pleased because he had first chance to show his work. This was meaningful not only pupils, but also log worker.Can you imagine how big sound of logging? I want to show all client the special opportunity.

I intended to design the building 1) Space variability, 2) Be a bright and comfortable space, 3) Be an atmosphere like being in the forest,

1) Space variability

I wanted to design one large room for playing. The client teaches Performance of Japanese drum here. Sometimes, he wanted to open entrance door to show children’s achievements to their parents.

2) Be a bright and comfortable space.

Client wanted to make a big playroom a part of this kindergarten. I intended bright space here. These windows helped to rise air of the space. So, I designed to make hi side windows on the room.

3) Be an atmosphere like being in the forest

I had invited them forest before. I thought they want to visit a forest again. They would think where the woods are in this building. Unfortunately, all of lumbers were processed from wood. So, I wanted place wood, not lumber, in the space.

I wanted to use lumber, not engineering wood. Because I wanted to get lumber near by the construction site. So I ordered the log worker to prepare all of lumbers for the kindergarten.

I considered how build such a large space using only lumber. I was inspired a bridge designed by Da Vinci then. I discussed with structure engineer to use this process.

This kindergarten was built by good wood workers and good log workers.I always want to build such a nurture work with client.