There are a lot of kindergartens in Japan. Almost all of them were made of concrete.
Reacently, Japanese people learned that wooden construction is very good for children’s body. The wooden floors and walls are soft, fragrant, and loved by people. However, many architects do not want to make large buildings out of wood. The reason is that it is very difficult to design large-scale wooden structures.In the past, Japanese carpenters knew how to process wood. At present, you can’t see them.

The forest area accounts for 66% of Japan’s land area, making it one of the most developed countries in the world.The reason we want to make many buildings out of wood is because we want to use the resources in Japan carefully.

We had designed this nursery using only lumber from sawn timber. Wood was processed using sophisticated processing machines. In addition, utilizing the specialized structural mechanics, the beam adopted a hybrid method of wood and iron.

I was careful about setting up a sanitary space. For example, the floor of the toilet is made of synthetic resin, and the walls are made of a smooth material that can always be kept clean.

All the facilities here are designed according to the infant’s body. Some use off-the-shelf products, and many are specially designed by us.