CHUBU JIMUKI Co.,Ltd established more than 70 years ago as a typewriter maintenance service company. Now, it has become a business solution proposal company representing Gifu Prefecture. My company got an opportunity to design this company this time. This company has outstanding and innovative computer technology. In addition, I have been doing business in Gifu for a long time. I wanted to make use of these things in the shape of this building.Panels with heat insulation and fire resistance make the building look sharper. In addition, the glass panel that extends to the large cantilevered part reflects the interior of the building beautifully, and looks like a traditional Japanese lantern.

Next, from the inside view, it is designed to smoothly welcome guests from the open entrance with a stairwell to the visitor space on the second floor, which is partitioned by glass. We also looked at the office environment. The work environment that allows employees to work in a variety of styles, and green rest areas with varying heights also contribute to the reform of work styles for employees.In addition, individual air-conditioning temperature management and lighting control using sensors maintain energy-saving performance.

In this way, we are working on the design of buildings not only from the exterior and interior design, but also from the perspective of reducing environmental impact such as energy conservation.