We provided service of Self Build for foreign client in Japan. The service we called Self Build means there are no construction company and client order to each worker their project.My company can manage who you order, when workers work, how much shrink your project budget.

In this case, your responsibility will be respected each and every craftsman and pay money soon, your profit will be getting their good work. Darren, the very lucky client ordered to us their house that looks mountain cottage. Because, they wanted to live such a deep country side place. And they wanted to order local craftsman, wood worker, plaster worker…. So, I introduced Self build method and all worker to him.

When I told this process to him, he was surprised and interested because there are no common such a special method in Japan. He had never heard company that provide self build. I answered that because we are architect office, not construction company, so I can provide this service to him.